Importance of eCommerce business in lockdown

The development of online stores throughout the world have increased the economy of the world by leaps and bounds. These online platforms permit consumers to cherry-pick the merchandise from the relevant websites and place their orders online.  

E-commerce has also generated innumerable jobs which can be done from anywhere, especially from home. There are so many people who have little knowledge or basic knowledge of IT, especially women who are working from home. They are able to do a lot of back-office work of any organization from the comfort of their home. There are no fixed working hours and with lots of time flexibility, anyone can do these jobs from home, of any company around the world. This is not really a new phenomenon, because such practices have been going on, for instance, business process outsourcing (BPO), call centers, customer care services, data input, they were transferred to those countries where the salary package was much lower than the developed countries. 

The scope of e-commerce, wide use of smartphones, increases of bandwidth and speed of internet broaden the scope of e-commerce as well as the work and services related to e-commerce. Therefore, countless jobs all around the world were created. This reduces the middle men, showroom cost and overall cost of production and running the business much lower than the previously office oriented jobs. Now the employers do not need these expensive offices anymore, the maintenance of the offices, the utility bills, and also the transportation cost of the employees and other such costs related to offices which has drastically reduced the cost of doing business. 

Due to lockdown lots of economic activities are near to shutting down but there are still many other essential business concerns which cannot be avoided or closed down for the time being. For instance, medical related supplies, food supplies, educational needs, utilities, ready-made food supplies, alternate jobs, volunteer services, NGOs (non-government organizations). 

Because of the lockdown millions of people and large scale as well as small scale businesses have been affected to the point where people are becoming hopeless, however many businesses have found solutions to the pandemic and are still continuing their businesses online. They are either delaying their deliveries till the governments’ issues a notice of regular routine to be followed or they are delivering within a safe and protected environment. People who are unable to go grocery shopping or the grocery shops near their homes are either closed or have limited supplies so no supplies go towards online grocery businesses.

These online grocery shops are one of the main benefits of e-commerce as they are making sure to make their supplies last and keep refilling their stocks and cater to everyone’s needs. These businesses have been thriving ever since the lockdown, bringing new cheap deals day after day and providing safe deliveries.  Along with providing safe deliveries, they are also providing free sanitizers and masks and other essential supplies to protect their customers and also to make their business prosper. 

Since people have been stuck at their homes for long periods, they are getting restless and annoyed getting bored when there is nothing left to do after they have cleaned the house from top to bottom and fixed every nook and cranny they could find. They turn towards entertainment, since cinemas have been closed down, online movie websites, especially Netflix et cetera have been the top selection of individuals who are movie lovers and those who aren’t have also been passing their time watching Money Heist or re-watching Game of Thrones. Netflix subscriptions and offers have been coming up since then and people are running towards it. 

Corona is inescapable outside but inside the safe walls of our homes we can use these online businesses to our heart’s desire while passing our time and making the most of it while also providing these businesses more chances to flourish. Websites that provide entertainment are doing exceptionally well as people are spending more time on them, looking for new entertaining ideas to occupy their family and themselves. People also contact their friends and play games online, which generates the traffic of the websites.

E-commerce has become a savior for many of us who are self-isolating or have been quarantined due to lockdown and curfews by the government and e-commerce has been giving us something to do during these days where almost every amusement outside has been shut down till the pandemic dies down or till it is safe again for the people to mingle again.

Due to e-commerce, this lockdown has become bearable for many of us, as millions of us are now occupied in doing our routine work online, students are having their regular classes online, apps of online classes are booming businesses, office meetings are being held through various apps, employers and employees stay in touch through them and all the regular work instead of shutting down completely for some time has been shifted to online making life a little easier to all of us self-isolating at home.

It is high time that we support eCommerce. Because it is not only expedient shopping while at home or anywhere for that matter, anyone can order from their laptop, mobile or desktop. It saves time as well as saves a lot of expense for the seller and buyer. Stores of eCommerce do not have to be in expensive locations, a cheap location in the suburban zones or also remote zones can save a lot of cost for the seller, which then passes on to the consumer and makes the price rates competitive as likened to stores that aren’t functioning through e-commerce. This helps in creating a lot of new jobs, other multiple benefits and advertisements, for example, through video display showcasing beautiful products by 3D animation and also at the same time one can compare the costs of products with other stores online. One can purchase in allowance to their budget, which can be calculated in a second so the consumer can manage his budget. 

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