What if your app's content is plagiarized | How to avoid

Using another person’s content in the app can cause some serious repercussions. Plagiarism means to use someone else’s content as your own without giving them any proper credit. And, if your app’s content is plagiarized, it will be much difficult to rank it in the store.
Also, the author of the original content has the complete rights to take any serious action against you without giving any warning.

How Plagiarized Content Affect the ranking of App

If the app content contains any piece of data from multiple apps, it will cause plagiarism. Whether the app is related to tech, gaming, or any other category, try your best to make a user engaging app content. Creates an attractive and interesting app design and write its content with new and creative ideas.
Currently, every user is demanding something new in the upcoming apps to try something new. Also, the uniqueness of the content plays a great role in ranking the app on every platform. If any platform finds any plagiarized data in the app’s content, design, or description, it will not increase its ranking. The design and content of the app must be creative, unique and 100& original to get the best results.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in App’s Content

 To write the content of the app plagiarism-free, simply follow the mentioned below steps:

1. Read Multiple Sources

Don’t read the content only from a single source. Always try to read content from multiple sources to get new ideas and suggestions. By reading content from different sources, you’ll be able to combine the multiple contents by changing words and sentences. While reading, keep in mind that the main purpose of reading is to copy the main idea, not the exact words of the author. Copying the same words of the author causes plagiarism. So, always try to write creative and unique content to avoid plagiarized content to get rank higher in search engines. Also, by writing creative content, it helps a lot in attracting a new audience to the app or website.

2. Keep Track of the Sources

Keeping a record of all sources is also one of the best ways to make content original. If you use a piece of data from someone else’s work, don’t forget to note the actual source of the data. A writer must keep track of all sources to mention the original source. While writing the content, always add references to the original author to make the document new.

3. Add Citation Properly

If you’re using someone else’s data in your content without crediting the source, plagiarism occurs. Writes must have to include an in-text citation to identify the actual source of the content to make the document original. You can use Chicago and many other citation styles to avoid plagiarism.Also, add a proper reference list at the end of the content to increase its authority and value. The reference list shows the complete sources that you’re mentioning in the content. This also allows users to directly visit the actual source of the information.

4. Quoting and Paraphrasing

Quoting means using someone else’s word to word text or any information in the content without mentioning the source. This also leads to plagiarism where a writer intentionally or unintentionally forgets to add the source. So, always quote the used data in quotation marks and with the complete reference. Whereas in paraphrasing, the writer uses his/her own words to explain the idea of another person. It allows writers to change specific words, sentences, or sometimes an entire paragraph to make the content original by keeping the main idea the same. Paraphrasing is quite better than using someone’s exact words. It shows that you have completely understood the actual purpose of the content. Most of the writers used different online paraphrasing tools to create unique content. They also use text paraphraser that changes specific words or sentences to avoid plagiarism in the app’s content.

5. Use Relevant Media Files

Adding relevant media play a great in increasing the value and authority of the content. Always try to add relevant images and other media files to deliver the main purpose of the data. Adding relevant images in the content plays a major role in boosting the rank of the app or any website. The image must be useful and relevant to the topic. This also increases user engagement and make them stay on your app for maximum time. Also, media files help to convey the main purpose of the content in a very useful and impressive way.

Last Words

Plagiarized content in app makes it difficult to rank app in play store. When you copies another author’s work, he/she has the complete right to ban your app without any warning.
So, always try to prevent plagiarism in the app to avoid any serious consequences.