Why Choose Magento for Building Your Next Ecommerce Website?

With so many Ecommerce web solutions options in the market, it can become difficult to choose the right one for your online store. There are many factors that need to be considered including development costs, features, tools and more.

Today, we will focus on the most widely-used and well-touted ecommerce platform in the world; Magento. Read down below to find out all the important reasons you choose Magento development for your next website development project.

Important Ecommerce Stats

  • Stats by Oberlo show thatecommerce sales are anticipated to account for 18.1% of all retail sales around the world this year.
  • According to 99Firms’ Ecommerce Statistics for 2020, by 2040, ecommerce is going to account for 95% of all purchases.
  • According to Oberlo, it is expected that the number of global digital buyers will hit 14 billion 2021. 
  • The Global Consumer Survey Report 2019 showed that users are more likely to purchase a product online using their smart phone rather than desktop devices.

Reasons to Choose Magento Development Services for Building Your Next Ecommerce Website

Let’s have a look at the top 7 reasons to choose Magento ecommerce website development services for your next Ecommerce online store.

  1. Affordable Website Development
    Affordability is one of the most important factors that is considered before building an ecommerce website. Magento is an affordable, yet reliable ecommerce solution. Thanks to cloud hosting, the cost of monitoring, maintaining, and hosting the ecommerce solutions is lowered. Generally, the overall cost depends on your location, the number and type of features you want, and the version of Magento you choose.
  2. Multiple Website Management
    There are a lot of ecommerce websites that opt to apply multi-store options to their online store. If you too wish to apply the multi-store strategy for your store, then Magento might work as a great option for you. The solution allows users to create and manage online ecommerce stores from a single dashboard. Also, users can easily and quickly add products to multiple stores. This not only saves time, but also effort and cost.

  3. MagentoCommunity
    Magento is used by more than 240,000 businesses forecommerce website development. The Magento community is huge and consists of programmers, developers, project managers, bloggers, from all over the globe. Hence, in case of any difficulties or needed assistance, Magento developers can get help from the wide pool of community members. Moreover, users are also updated regularly regarding the latest trends related to the technology.

  4. Open-Source Platform
    Unlike most of its top competitors, Magento is an open and free source, consisting of a huge library of custom extensions. This implies that rather than going through the struggle of building ecommerce development toolsfrom scratch, developers can use and share tools with other Magento users.
    Also, Magento allows users to customize their ecommerce website based on their business preferences.  Moreover, ecommerce website developers can also install and develop Magento modules to include new features to give the website an engaging and eye-catching look and feel.

  5. Excellent Performance
    One of the best things about Magento is its efficiency. As far as query processing, page load time, and other static operations are concerned, Magento tops the list. Moreover, Magento also features a huge number of extensions that can be used to customize your website, allowing you to create unique designs that set your online store apart from the rest of the lot.

  6. Payment Options
    To make sure that customers don’t run into any check out problems, it is important that your ecommerce website features flexible payment options. Magento support almost every other popular payment method including cash on delivery, bank transfer, amazon payment, PayPal, google check out, and more. Hence, Magento is a great choice if you are looking to enhance the shopping experience of your customers by offering different payment options.
  7. SEO-Friendly Platform
    Another factor that gives importance to Magento over other ecommerce solutions is that it is a SEO friendly platform. Magento comes with hundreds of features such as descriptions, URL settings, positioning layer, sitemaps, and more. SEO tools can be very helpful in helping your website rank better in the search results.

Let’s Compare Magento with other Top E-commerce Solution

Magento is the number one ecommerce solution for thousands of developers around the world. Mainly because it is easy to use, cost-effective, and offers hundreds of very useful features. According to stats, more than 270,000 merchants choose Magento for their business.

Recently, it is being preferred by developers over its competitors including Woo Commerce and Shopify as well.

Let’s Compare the Most Popular Ecommerce Website Development Platforms

We have compared the three most widely-used ecommerce website solutions in the world. Read down below for more.

  • Magento
    Magento is the best option for you if you are selling more than 500 items on your ecommerce website. As mentioned above, there are many advantages of using Magento including versatile content management, easy in-part integrations, and a gigantic community.

  • Shopify
    Shopify is an ideal option for the ecommerce sellers that want to begin selling their products quickly. Moreover, it also works great if you’re happy with the existing designs and themes for your online ecommerce store and don’t intend to switch to another ecommerce CMS.

  • Woo Commerce
    Woo Commerce is the right choice for the ones who want to build an online store using WordPress. Since it is an open source, fully customizable platform, you won’t need to hire a whole Woo Commerce development company to create your website for you.


Regardless of whether you already own an online store or plan to create one in the later on, it is essential that you pick the ecommerce website solution that fits your requirements and budget. Moreover, it is also important that you opt for a reliable ecommerce website development company, if you plan to outsource development to WooCommerce developers.

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