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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development (Please un-check if you don't provide Mobile App Development Services)
  • Android
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • iPhone
  • Native Mobile App
  • Windows Mobile
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Objective C
  • Swift
Mobile App development related Services/Portfolios
Mobile apps

If you are looking to build THE NEXT BIG THING on a mobile platform, this is the right place for you. We’ve been building award-winning apps since the dawn of Android & iOS operating systems. Through the years we have forged our deep knowledge needed to develop top-notch, innovative mobile products. We deeply believe in developing seamless experience across different devices, therefore we also offer app development for smart TVs, tablets, smart watches, and wearables.

Chatbots, AI and Machine learning

Creating a chatbot with the ability of natural conversation, providing rich content with a human touch is what we are best at. We offer development of custom chatbot solutions for Web, Facebook Messenger, Viber and Kik using Artificial Intelligence, NLP, RNN, and Tensorflow. Our NLP technology is specially designed to significantly boost the accuracy, fluency, and speed of text entry on mobile and computing devices.

Web apps

Wanna take your solution on the web? We create beautifully designed, fully responsive and finally reliable web applications. Our experienced developers master a variety of programming languages and possess the crucial skills to lead your project to success. If you want a web app which perfectly matches your business goals and individual preferences, we can do it for you.

Design and branding

We offer responsive design for web and mobile to take your product to the next level. Drawing on our deep expertise in design, our design team cares for your user’s experience over the entire customer journey, at every touchpoint with your company.

Chatbots Development

Chatbots Development
Chatbots Development (Please check if you provide Chatbots Development Services)
  • Artificially intelligent chatbots
  • Context enabled chatbots
  • Sequential chatbots
  • Social messaging chatbots
  • Node.js
  • Python
Chatbot development related Services/Portfolios
Letz - Lucy

Letz was the world's first active multi-platform productivity chatbot. Our bot, Lucy, functioned as a virtual assistant. People could set tasks, ask questions, and the bot studied people’s behavior and even sent funny jokes upon request. It provides Artificial Intelligence to empower professional productivity for individuals.
As an innovative company, we developed our proprietary AI tech based on Recurrent Neural Networks and machine learning that gave the bot a personality and a human touch in the interaction. Additionally, we developed our own NLP technology that was specially designed to significantly boost the accuracy, fluency, and speed of text entry on mobile and computing devices also making it possible for the bot to learn new languages fast without a vast amount of data. She could make you laugh, entertain you, inform you at any time about the weather and world news but also encourage you to be very productive. She was a friend.
Letz was the first and only EU startup that won the prestigious Product Hunt – product of the year award. We won the award competing side by side with Google, Slack, and Product Hunt.


Slavcho, the chatbot assistant helps the users through the process of choosing the most suitable smartphone for themselves.
The main purpose of this chatbot is to give users a phone recommendation based on their discussed preferences. Slavcho transforms for what is today a cumbersome and a tiresome process into a pleasant and simple experience for the users.
The chatbot gathers preferences to find out which smartphone will suit the user the most according to the user’s needs and capabilities. The chatbot chooses the best recommendations for the users with the help of a built recommendation system.
Slavcho gathers the information in an interesting and fun way as he doesn’t ask direct questions for the phone specifications, but he tries to find out how the user will utilize the smartphone instead. This way the chatbot gets more genuine answers and can form a more accurate list of suggestions.
The chatbot works on a back-end server with the machine learning modules which are responsible for composing the next message that the chatbot replies to the user. An AI model is also trained with certain information about general knowledge and everyday type of conversation. The content engine is responsible for the logic of how the chatbot responds to the messages from the user. This includes the expert system and natural language processing (NLP). The interesting part is that the NLP technology was used for a bot that uses the Macedonian language for communication, which was really challenging due to the fact that there are not many resources, data, and tools that use this language and lettering. The chatbot understands the Macedonian language, both Cyrillic and Latin lettering.
With these capabilities of the chatbot, the users will get reliable answers to their questions and the best recommendation for smartphones according to their own preferences.


Estimo is a chatbot that will help you get cost estimation for the next mobile app you want to build. Estimo will discuss your preferences regarding the next awesome app you would like to build in a friendly and seamless manner and walk you through the simplified process of mobile app cost calculation, in order to give you a rough estimation based on industry average prices. Whether is an Android or an iOS app, Tim knows the cost of every segment of the development process.
Estimo helps many entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts and startup guys with their future projects that include building a mobile app.


  • Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
  • Norway
Phone Number
02 615 1283
Key Clients
Sony Music Entertainment
Holland Casino
A1 Telecom Austria
Reiffeisen Bank
10 - 49
Community Award 2014 on Pioneers festival - MarkO
Golden Kitty Product of the year 2016 on Product Hunt - Letz
National Champion 2014 on European Business Awards - CodeWell
Industry Focus
  • Information Technology
  • Startups

CodeWell is an award-winning company that offers IT solutions and services to clients around the world. We have the tendency of being efficient, thorough, effective and most of all, we offer high quality. We possess the experience, knowledge, creativity, and resources necessary for developing excellent products and providing full service for the realization and execution of the projects. Within the 7 years of existence and growth, the company has finished more than 100 projects with a 100% success rate.

CodeWell is a service-oriented company offering full stack IT services for world known Fortune 500 companies persisting with our progress seamlessly. Until now we have worked with companies located on 6 world continents and we plan to continue that tendency of constant growth.

Aside from providing services and consulting, CodeWell has pioneered the Macedonian startup community by launching some of the most recognized and successful local startups. The most recent one, being Letz the first Macedonian startup ever to raise a venture capital funding. Aside from that, Letz has won many international awards, incorporated in the USA and done fundraising in Silicon Valley through SeedInvest. Letz exhibited on some of the top IT conferences and got featured in the world most popular magazines, such as Forbes, The Huffington Post, Venture Beat, TechCrunch and many more. Letz was the first and only EU startup that won the prestigious Product Hunt – product of the year award. We won the award competing against Google, Slack, Duolingo and other big names in the IT industry.

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