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They are definitely a helping hand that will fix everything

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$50,001 - $150,000
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2 - 5 Years
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Web App
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We are totally satisfied with the quality of provided services and their team work.
What you like about the company?
They’re very organized and I like that they were flexible. If something changes in the market or we want to change a product line, Inoxoft easily adjusts to our needs. My main challenge was to grow and develop my company. We had a problem with collecting data about our goods in our stores. I needed a database where I could easily see how many goods I have, which brands I am lacking, and which brands are more likely to sell on the market. They understood all our needs and were ready to implement each detail of the web platform as we wanted it. We wanted to avoid financial losses and Inoxoft helped us solve our financial troubles and grow our business.
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