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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development (Please un-check if you don't provide Mobile App Development Services)
  • Android
  • AR/VR Mobile App
  • Blackberry
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • Native Mobile App
  • IoT App Development
  • iPhone
  • Wearable Apps
  • Windows Mobile
  • Apache Cordova
  • Flutter
  • Ionic
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Native Script
  • Objective C
  • Swift
  • Unity 3D
  • Xamarin
Mobile App development related Services/Portfolios
-->> 15 years in Custom App Development

* Our consultants to discuss platform that fits your requirements best
* Contact us for Augmented Reality, AI and ML apps, 5+ years experience
* Best tools for project management, bug tracking and communication

-->> Our Strengths :- Clients like us for the following reasons
* Multi-Platform
* 50+ Devices for Testing
* Superior Graphics

-->> Why US

--> NDA & Intellectual Property :- Understand and respect the terms of Non-Disclosure Agreement. Intellectual Property protected and client ownership defined.
--> Regular Meetings :- Excellent communication skills. Daily and weekly meetings. Time Zone overlapping.
--> Agile Development :- Experience in Agile Development Process. Experts in design of architectural patterns. Tools like Jira, Pivotal Tracker.
--> Coding Practices :- Follow good coding practices and write well documented/commented code. Peer review.
--> Tools :- Continuous Integration & Deployment (Jenkins), Source Contol, Automation Testing (Selenium, Appium).
--> Cross Browser Testing :- Cross Browser testing on all the popular browser versions. 80+ testing devices.
--> Secure Apps :- Strictly adhere to OWASP Top 10 security considerations while building websites. Security Testing.
--> Data Security :- Security of the user data while using the site or app is always a top priority.

Games Development

Games Development
Games Development (Please check if you provide Games Development Services)
Tools & Platforms
  • Amazon Lumberyard
  • AppGameKit
  • Buildbox
  • CocoonJS
  • Cocos2D-x
  • Construct 2
  • Corona SDK – The 2D Game Engines
  • Fusion
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Gideros
  • Marmalade SDK
  • MonoGame
  • NodeJS
  • SpriteKit – 2D sprite-based games
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine
  • Action Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Board Games
  • Casinos Games
  • Casual Games
  • Educational Games
  • Racing Games
  • Role Playing Games
  • Sports Games
  • Strategy Games
Games development related Services/Portfolios
-->> Game Design / Game Development Studio In India From 2D designs to 3D AAA game content

* Unreal Engine :- Get the best hardware acceleration with our team and Unreal Engine for your game. Launch your next gen AAA Game.
* Unity :- Hire our team for next 2D or 3D cross platform games in Unity. From designing to writing game AI - we do everything.
* Native Games :- Contact us for Native games on Windows, IOS and Android. We have expertise from OpenGL to DirectX.
* Cocos2d-x :- Build your 2D games with us in Cocos2d-x. Multi-platform 2D games.
* HTML5 :- WebGL is now the most popular library for rendering 3D content on web browser. Build cross platform HTML5 games with Three.js and PhoneGap.

Web Apps

Web Apps (Please un-check if you don't provide Web App Development Services)
  • JAM Stack
  • LAMP Stack
  • MEAN Stack
  • MERN Stack
  • Others
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Elixir
  • Erlang
  • Golang
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • VB.Net
  • MongoDB
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Apache Camel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Django
  • .Net
  • Spring MVC
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
eCommerce Platforms
CRM Development Tools
  • Freshsales CRM
  • Salesforce CRM‎
  • SugarCRM
  • SuiteCRM
ERP Softwares
  • NetSuite ERP
  • Odoo
  • Oracle
  • SAP
Front Ends
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue JS
  • Amazon
  • Azure
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Bootstrap
  • GraphQL
Web App development related Service / Portfolios
Scale your website to handle millions of hits

* DB Scaling & Optimization
* SOA Architecture
* Cloud (AWS, Azure, App Engine) Deployment

---->>> Expertise In Scaling Web Applications

* Database Optimization :- Optimized queries, DB Indexing, moving out text searches
* CDN Integration :- AWS CloudFront, Akamai Technologies, we do it all.
* No SQL DB Expertise :- Experts in Mongo DB, Cassandra, Big Table, Amazon DynamoDB.
* Delayed Processing : -Message Queues, Tasks & Background Jobs.


Avg. Hourly Rate
$20 - $30
Phone Number
India - +91 8266041801
United States - +1 408 454 6110
United Kingdom - +44 203 372 4609
Key Clients
1. FindNerd :- Findnerd is an amazing and phenomenal online project management tool used by IT managers and clients for project, resource and hour tracking. It also provides a platform for IT professionals to interact with each other through blogs, forums, tutorials, etc.

2. Centhrix :- Centhrix is a completely SaaS based HR management solution. It provides different modules such as Recruitment Management, Talent Management, Training Management, Financial Management, Attendance Management, Exit Management, Communication Management. Centhrix is offered to various buyers as per their requirements for all the modules or only a few modules.

3. MyCity4Kids :- MyCity4Kids help parents unearth the best their city has to offer kids in and around the neighborhood - from playschools and schools, hobby and sports classes to fun events, summer camps and workshops. It is an online marketplace where parents can search for information related to kids services, look for recommendations and make a booking by either paying online or in cash.
50 - 249
Min. Project Size
Industry Focus
  • Automotive
  • Art, Entertainment & Music
  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products
  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Government
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Social
  • Startups

Who We  Are

We are a team of 250+ technology enthusiasts & evangelists. We are headquartered in Dehradun, a Himalayan foothill town in India. Evon Technologies offers state of the art tech consulting and development services to Startups & SMEs.

Our clients like us because we have offices in tier 2 cities. This helps us with:

  • Low Attrition Rate: You can invest in an Evonian’s training without worrying about him leaving the job.

  • Higher Productivity: We do not have so-called "big city" problems like high travel-time & pollution. That makes us a healthy workforce. Moreover, with such problems out of the way, we spend 8-12 hours in the office each day.

  • Lower Living Cost: Hence lower billing rates.

We understand that when an entrepreneur starts the development of his idea, it is very critical that his team is able to build it with as much passion as he has. This is the key offering at Evon Technologies. Each Evonian is able to give his 100% to the product idea and is up for any challenge. We take pride in our philosophy of 'Progressive Invention' and it is encoded in each Evonian’s DNA. Working on a great product idea and its success is the only thing that gratifies our mind.

Strengths & Advantages (Why Us)

  • Lowest attrition due to strategic location.

  • Complete transparency in billing and rates.

  • Multi-platform expertise to port your app to any platform quickly.

  • Complete testing infrastructure & profiling tools to test apps on a wide range of devices.

  • Our team of Developers, Interface Designers, Project Managers and QAs are very experienced to handle start-up ideas.

  • Stretchable graphics is our key development practice.

  • Follow good coding practices and write well documented/commented code.

  • Security of the user data while using the app is always a top priority.

  • Testing infrastructure for all Smartphone models and releases.

  • We focus on the development process with fixed price: Hybrid Model (Waterfall and Agile) and T&M : Agile.

  • We have our own in-house FindNerd tool to implement Agile and Track hours and hence productivity.

  • High productivity with flexibility in working with existing processes to reduce cost.

Our Work

  • 100+ Apps on App and Play Store
  • 400+ Satisfied Clients
  • 20+ Hadoop/Spark/Storm (Big Data)
  • 1000+ Projects Delivered Worldwide
  • 250+ People Team

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