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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development (Please un-check if you don't provide Mobile App Development Services)
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Many digital projects fail because of a misunderstanding of a business model, its market, or a poor assessment of goals. As a consulting partner, we want to be involved in all stages of project management. We help you identify the right objectives and develop with you the specifications of your mobile application. To do so, we have developed co-creation workshops. These workshops allow us to build your digital project in its entirety, from the identification of your needs to the construction of the models of your future mobile application. You know your project and we know how to turn it into a powerful mobile solution. We know that a well-established mobile strategy means better anticipated development, and therefore a more agile one. That's why each development need identified is then validated by our team to ensure the implementation time, and thus optimize the cost of your application.


Design and user experience are two key success factors for creating engagement. It is therefore important to test them upstream to ensure their quality. Our UX/UI specialists realize for you a prototype of a functional mobile application. The user experience, as well as the interface, are neat to offer smooth and optimal navigation. We develop the entire application prototype, from the user interface to the realization of the logo of the application. Our team works to design a mobile solution that matches your image, reflecting the values of your company. Our experts are also on the lookout for industry trends to make the user experience even more immersive while respecting the ergonomics and fluidity of your application.


We are specialized in the development of native mobile applications. Our "back end" and "front end" know-how allows us to create customized iOS and Android applications. We internalize all skills for the development of your application and are able to intervene on the entire structure around the application, server connections to the development of the content manager. After development, our testers ensure its quality through a rigorous process. We perform a series of tests, from the quality of the code to the fluidity of the UX, to ensure the performance of your application. Throughout the development phase, we plan regular points, along with detailed reports, to continuously discuss the progress of your project.


We keep track of your application by developing your own data analysis and content modification tools. We provide you with a database and dashboard to collect, sort and use data from the use of your application. The mobile app analytics tool tracks your app's traffic with data from downloads, clicks, and navigation. We believe in long-term partnerships. That's why we take care of the maintenance, but also the optimization of your application. These improvements are possible thanks to a code well documented and easily modifiable, to anticipate your future needs. This is the guarantee of an efficient, optimized and sustainable application.


Avg. Hourly Rate
$101 - $150
Phone Number
Canada - +18009651651
Key Clients

Improve the quality of life of users, optimize the productivity of health professionals and facilitate the teaching of the medical profession. We create applications to support both users and healthcare professionals. We facilitate communication between our customers and their users through a high-performance UX / UI fluid and mobile platforms that comply with the security constraints and legal constraints specific to this market.

3D SCAN (iBrace, You MaWo)

The 3D Structure Sensor SDK, developed by our partner Occipital, is a powerful tool for tablets, accessible to the general public and professionals. We develop powerful mobile applications from this 3D scanner to ensure precise, automatic measurement of objects, people and spaces. The produced files are easily exportable from the application to simplify your industrial processes. This 3D Scan technology is integrated into the production chain of many sectors, from Medtech to construction, to education.

TOURISM & SMART CITIES (Info Neige MLT, City of Laval)

After a thorough study of the expectations of the tourism sector, we have developed internally a solution to meet the needs of stakeholders in the field. Our tourism applications are equipped with essential features such as interactive maps, geolocation, offline navigation or the addition of videos and images in real time. These applications integrate a content manager so that our customers can customize and modify their content themselves. Secure, reliable and turnkey, our applications are deployable in 2 to 4 weeks and at a lower cost.
10 - 49
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  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Enterprise

While others may consider the first line of code the beginning of the project, we at Sidekick Interactive know that understanding your vision is the first step in creating the perfect native mobile application.

Since 2011, our Montreal-based multidisciplinary team works on ambitious projects in America and Europe, helping transform ideas into powerful applications. We created 2 steps to achieve success within the right time-frame.

First, we propose in-house developed products which can be adapted to your needs. We have created apps frameworks for numerous markets, from Tourism, to Smart-City Solutions, to 3D Scan.

Second and foremost, we build custom solutions which are co-created with our clients. It starts with our experts and you, sitting down for a co-creation workshop. Why? To immerse ourselves in your project, share ideas and expertise, and create a strategy that aligns with your objectives. Only once we are on the same page can we start designing your app together. The workshop ends with our client having a project brief and a functional prototype in-hand. After this, our iOS and Android programmers can start using their magic to develop your native mobile app.

But you’re not off the hook. It takes constant communication and transparency for the project to run smoothly, and for us to succeed in putting the best mobile solution possible in your hands. But for all that to happen, you need experts, UX/UI designers and senior programmers in a trustworthy, reliable development company. You need a Sidekick.

That being said, shall we start?



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MapBox mobile SDK, JMap APIs
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Our experience with Sidekick Interactive is very positive. The thinking and design sessions are very fruitful. They have a very sharp skills and expertise with all aspects of mobile development. And they are nice people to work with.
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