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Blockchain Implementation For Auto-Parts

Client Overview

The client is one of EU’s largest car parts wholesaler and dealer. This one-stop-shop provides breaks, wheel bearings, steering and suspension parts, covering 29k+ different items for almost all car brands and models in all of European countries.

Our engagement was to implement Blockchain based solution with Smart contracts for auto part supply chain that support various interactions between different participants. These participants are: suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers.

Solution Highlights

Summary of interactions supported by the Auto Parts Supply solution:

Supplier to Manufacturer: Include interactions for order placed by Manufacturer to Supplier to supply raw-materials. It also supports order specific transaction states such as “Shipped”, “Received & In Verification”, “Verified & Accepted” and finally “Close” after payment received.

Manufacturer to Distributor: Include interactions for order placed by Distributor to Manufacturer for Asset (e.g. Tire). It supports order transaction states such as “Place an Order”, “Shipped”, “Received and In Verification”, “Verified and Accepted” and “Close” after receiving payment.

Distributor to Retailer: Include interactions for order placed by Retailer to Distributor. It supports order transactions states such as “Shipped”, “Received and In Verification”, “Verified and Accepted” and “Close” after receiving payment.

Retailer to Customer: Include interactions for order placed by Customer to Retailer (e.g. Garage). Once the order is delivered to Customer, order status will be changed to “Delivered” after receiving the payment.

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The Gateway Corp, a privately held global enterprise, is headquartered in India and The Netherlands. The Gateway Corp is the principal holding company and promoter of all Gateway Group Companies, comprising of 20 independent operating companies across 16 countries.

Over the last 23 years of Technology excellence, the Group has etched an enviable record of 80% client retention, in some of the most complex, non-English speaking markets, where we ensure that technology remains at the forefront of our clients’ business to achieve strategic differential advantage over their competition.

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