A blockchain-based gaming platform



6 Months - 1 Year
Project Cost
$10,001 - $50,000
Project For Industries
What type of Project it is?
  • Blockchain
  • Gaming App
  • Web App
What Technologies you have used?
TypeScript, Vue.js, Vuex, SSR, Storybook.


The company needed to build an ecosystem that would combine the mechanics of online games with offline items. To ensure the information authenticity and tracking goods with a digital ID, the customer decided to employ the blockchain distributed ledger technology. Collaborating with Arateg, the client needed to build a frontend part of a web application. 


Arateg team developed a custom solution with the following features:


  1. A virtual store

  2. An electronic wallet

  3. Online auctions

  4. In-app purchases

  5. Tokens as an in-app currency

  6. Online payments with fiat money and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, IOTA)

  7. A gaming exchange to trade digital assets

  8. A personal client account

  9. Statistics on transactions, gifts, etc.

  10. Report generation by different filters, for example, by transaction date, name, etc.

  11. An admin panel (an e-shop and blog)

  12. Vouchers to make gifts

  13. Gamification (bundles, daily bonuses, etc.)

  14. Social media integration

  15. Digital ID to track goods


Using a blockchain gaming platform, the company took the first and second places in several startup battles in Ukraine and Belarus. At the moment, it has a capital valuation of nearly $3.6 million.

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