A patient health portal



6 Months - 1 Year
Project Cost
$10,001 - $50,000
Project For Industries
What type of Project it is?
Web App
What Technologies you have used?
React, Redux, WebSockets, Jest, Storybook, TypeScript, Golang, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Docker, K8s, RabbitMQ, Redis, Swagger, Python.


The client is a leading provider of medical services located in the UK. Relying on our expertise in healthcare software development, the company wanted to build a web patient portal.


Arateg team developed a custom solution with the following features:


  1. User registration and authorization

  2. User account

  3. Video consultations

  4. Access to health records and lab results

  5. Patient record management

  6. Doctor and data search

  7. Appointment scheduling

  8. Appointment management

  9. Email reminders

  10. Online treatment plans

  11. Request processing

  12. Calendar management

  13. Online forms

  14. Patient data storage and processing


The client automated processes such as communication with patients, data exchange, appointment scheduling, request processing, and record management. With the delivered web health portal, the organization was able to increase efficiency by 62% and serve 3X more customers.

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