Big data analytics platform



6 Months - 1 Year
Project Cost
$10,001 - $50,000
Project For Industries
What Technologies you have used?
TypeScript, Vue.js, Vuex, Storybook, Chart.js, Jest.


The client is a technology firm that provides real estate professionals with property data analytics to improve customer service and boost performance. Founded in the UK, the organization was included in the list of 120+ Companies Building The Industry’s Future by CB Insights. Cooperating with Arateg, the customer needed to extend the existing functionality and enhance software performance.


Arateg team developed a custom solution with the following features:


  1. User registration and authorization

  2. Personal account

  3. Client personal account

  4. Role-based access

  5. Big data analytics

  6. Data visualization dashboard that includes multiple categories, for example, an Overview provides the key pricing data, Demographics contains details about people who live in a certain area (e.g., income level, education), Analyse allows comparing different dataset, analyzing supply and demand data, etc.

  7. Data search by multiple filters such as an address, local area, and organization name.


Cooperating with Arateg, the client extended the functionality of a big data analytics platform while increasing the overall system performance. Following our meaningful recommendations, the organization was able to automate the software development process, simplify infrastructure maintenance, and enhance product quality.

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