6 Months - 1 Year
Project For Industries
What type of Project it is?
Web App
What Technologies you have used?
Java, MongoDB, AngularJS +, HTML/CSS, Docker

ColiMinder is an IoT solution for water quality monitoring and reflecting probing results in real-time.

Vienna Water Monitoring needed radical improvements to their microbiological water quality monitoring system called ColiMinder. Because of the system’s complexity, most of the devices had been previously maintained by the client’s support team. The amount of collected data was so great that our client had to keep an entire R&D team to be able to manually process those data. And because of that, the bandwidth was somewhat limited and Coliminder couldn't obtain real-time results of data probing.

We were hired to create a web application that would turn ColiMinder’s hardware into a market-ready product and help the support team to maintain the system.