What type of Project it is?
Web App
What Technologies you have used?
REACTJS, AWS, CRM, WORDPRESS, Stripe, Apple pay, Google pay, Plaid

EnrichHER provides a way for pre-qualified women and founders of color to access capital, coaching, and community in order to bring their businesses up to new heights.

They partner with corporate impact funds, corporate foundations, and other resources in order to design tailored solutions that will help deploy capital to women-led companies and businesses owned by leaders of color.

We have developed a series of financial applications that work together to create a seamless system. This allowed EnrichHER to transition from their existing tools that were all third-party, to a customized system that helps them on a daily basis.

One of the challenges was creating a unified system, which we responded to by suggesting they use CRM software tailored specifically for their needs. Whenever their customers interact with them, all information is recorded in the CRM—giving a 360 degree view of every customer.