3 - 6 Months
Project Cost
$5001 - $10000
Project For Industries
What type of Project it is?
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Native Mobile App
What Technologies you have used?

As the name suggests, this app carries in and out of managing an event. Specifically targeted for event managers and clients to keep track of work in progress while also providing the staff members ease.

The requirement gathering stage which included long brain storming sessions, were carried out to have a clear picture of what product should look like in the end. There were more than 200 emails exchanged and about 8-10 hours of skype calls to better understand the requirements and to address each and every minute detail possible.

App has 3 User types

  1. Event Manager
  2. Staff Member
  3. Client

Based on the user type the he/she can have privileges to utilise this app.

Detailed information of the event is stored and displayed for ease, like Event location, highlight name, list of staff members working on it etc. which can always be changed on the go.

Further, the app also offers a very interesting feature where staff member/admin can add extra hours work approval requests and thus streamline the whole process.

Apart from the above features, this app also offers timesheet history, note taking for each task and real time chatting between admin, staff and the client.

Further this app is being improvised to be used by general event management companies, and would include 5 user interfaces

  1. Super Admin
  2. Organisation Admin
  3. Event Manager
  4. Staff
  5. Client

Some new functionalities that would be added in the new version are

  1. Event Ticketing and Management
  2. Barcodes for tickets
  3. Event Analytics Dashboard
  4. Match making ( Networking ) for attendees at events
  5. List of speakers
  6. List of attendees