What type of Project it is?
  • Android
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • iPhone
What Technologies you have used?
Flutter, GraphQL, Circle Integration

Onoco is a parenting mobile app serving parents and child care attendants to make it easier for them to track the baby’s activities and overall progress. Other similar apps focus either on tracking, baby journal, baby’s development or planning. Onoco combines all these features and introduces other useful ideas helping to take care of babies in the best possible way.


The founder of Onoco came to us when she was looking for Flutter developers as she had chosen that technology for her startup. Her idea was to create a parenting mobile app for modern parents to provide them with safe and convenient childcare support. The goal of this project is to:

  • make parents’ lives easier by helping them to manage their time and activities thanks to learning the child's natural rhythm and daily routines
  • track their child’s development by implementing a variety of features to collect important data about them that have never been combined into one app before
  • provide them with a peace of mind, especially when using the help of a babysitter, by simplifying the flow of information between them and the caregiver
  • create a complementary solution for tracking baby’s development, baby journal as well as for planning

Project's scope

Our Partner already had the designs so we started our cooperation from 2-days workshops during which we put them into analysisintroduced our ideas to make them fully functional and conduct an in-depth research to fully understand the needs of the app's users. 

This gave us a chance to discuss all the challenges at an early stage and to start the development being prepared better, which has also led to fewer problems during development. We’ve also got to know our Partner’s vision for the app and her requirements. Thanks to the workshops, we’ve also implemented lots of improvements for the designs we received, which included some logical fixes.Then, we were responsible for the mobile app developmentbackend developmenttesting and product launch. In the next stages of the project we also take care of preparing further mobile app designs and animations and develop the app. We're still working together on creating new features as well as supporting, maintaining and taking care of the app's performance.