What type of Project it is?
  • Android
  • Native Mobile App
What Technologies you have used?
Java, Data Science, Kotlin, UI/UX

ParrotOne is a startup — a messaging app with social networking elements that helps you type messages with much less effort. It’s a mobile multi-messaging app to make communication and remote work easier for users with less agile hands (especially the disabled and elderly). Both are intended to make life easier for the physically disabled

It learns the way users write messages, and gradually offers more accurate text predictions so you can conveniently choose pre-made words and phrases on the screen, which limits the amount of arduous typing in favour of user-friendly message building. The purpose was to create an app that would be really useful for people with disabilities and that helps them communicate.


The CEO of ParrotOne came to us on recommendation to present his idea for an innovative and highly desirable product. He wanted to help people with disabilities communicate in an easy way and create a community that helps each other. Being a person with a disability himself, he was well aware of the needs of such audience. As a result, we’ve created an MVP and then a more complex app that:

  • enables easy message building with pre-made words and phrases and a whole screen keyboard
  • assists with punctuation and diacritical marks
  • prevents the user from making spelling mistakes.

Project's scope

We started with analysis based on the project requirements and that allowed us to come up with final designs for the app. We developed mechanisms for the keyboard in cooperation with the client to help people with disabilities to write more quickly and easily, at the same time taking into account the characteristics of the mobile platform and the implementation of a hardware solution planned for later. We were responsible for the creation of designsmobile app developmenttesting and product launch. We provided feedback on our Partner's ideas that make things more efficient and user-friendly throughout the project and are still working together to update, support and maintain the app. 


ParrotOne is an application that has won many awards and been nominated in various competitions. Here are some of the achievements: 

  • The main prize in the Integration Association’s “Applications without barriers 2017” contest
  • The best start-up in the ICT category at the StartTech Competition & Conference
  • The best mobile app concept designed for people with disabilities at "Apps Without Barriers 2017"
  • Third place in the Startup Hub Warsaw 17 competition
  • Third place in Huawei Startup Challenge
  • 2020 WSA Awards as the best Polish solution in the Inclusion & Empowerment category nomination
  • Emerging Europe Awards nomination

The app gained over 20,000 downloads after launching the first version.