Voila - Online Housekeeping Mobile App



3 - 6 Months
Project Cost
$10,001 - $50,000
What type of Project it is?
  • Android
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps
  • iPhone
What Technologies you have used?
CakePHP, Swift, Kotlin
Voila is an on-demand housekeeping service providing an application that lets the user's book housekeepers for their day-to-day activities. Octal IT Solution made the application handy and highly effective for the users by enabling some advanced features like instant booking, task scheduling, housekeeper selection, online payment and much more. There is also a strict registration process for the housekeepers as they need to go through a housekeeping course to be eligible for providing their services.
The housekeeping course is embedded in the app itself, making it easy for the housekeepers to prove their eligibility. Multiple payment gateways and high-end security make this app highly secured and trustworthy for app users. We used the stripe payment method to provide quick-and secured transactions.
With the help of seasoned designers and programmers, we were able to build the application in a given time and budget. Upon completion of the app, we received positive feedback from the client appreciating our quality and work ethics.
Picked up your orders by our assigned helpers whom we have selected and also they have to go through a housekeeping course to get assurance about a minimum eligibility area for providing this service. Our main goal is to provide an amazing housekeeping service to a satisfactory standard.

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