How much it cost to build a mobile app?


Mobile app development is just like building your home. There is no simple answer to the question – “How much it cost to build a mobile app?”. There are a lot of parameters which determines the efforts needed to develop the app and hence cost of the app.

Building your home Building a mobile app

Size of Home (Square Feet) & Number of stories

Features – what all features needed to be included in the app.

Architecture of the home

Complexity of the app

Site Preparation (example Foundation -Is it already there or needed to be created)

Design, Mock ups, Research (It has already been done by you as the app owner or the development company needed to work on it)

Exterior Finish, Interiors Finish

Level of Designs – MVP, Basic, or Polished

Plumbing & electrical

Scalability, Performance, Security

Heating and Cooling

Any other specific requirement that you might have

Note: This comparison is just to provide you an idea about the different parameters to determine the cost of the app development and something that you can relate with. The comparison is not 100% accurate and there might be some shortcomings in this table.

What type of factors doesn’t matter in the cost determination –

  • The app will be used only by 50 people of our team member – Many time prospective app owner thinks that if there are very less number of users – it will cost less. As in the case of home – if only 4 members are living in 6 bed room home, it won’t reduce the development cost of the home. Similarly if the number of users are less, development cost won’t get reduced.
  • We’ll only have 10 products or 10 listings – If you want to place only 2 beds in your 5 bed room home – you’ll still need to pay for the 5 bed room development cost. Similarly in mobile app, if you want to go with limited data, it won’t impact the cost of the development.

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