How to Choose The Right Wearable App Development Company

In this era of digitization, mobile apps play an indispensable role in our daily lives and give direct access to businesses to get their consumers onboard. But is this enough? Well, the answer is definitely a “no.” These days having an ordinary app won’t suffice the purpose. Apps have to be upgraded and should be more user friendly than before. This is where wearable apps come into the picture. These apps are not only smartphone-friendly but tech-friendly too.

To develop a wearable app first, we need to know about the wearable devices and their limitations.

Wearable devices are the ones that can be worn and carried easily in our day to day life to increase productivity and utilize the time to the fullest. It can be a smartwatch, which connects with your smartphone to take calls without taking your phone out of your pocket and can keep track of all the important notifications, or it can be a Fitbit band which can count the steps you have walked, track your heart rate or the pulse and can count the calories so that you can lead a healthy lifestyle.

Wearable devices are now not limited to smartwatches and Fitbits. It is evolving day by day and now entrepreneurs are finding ways to convert glasses, clothes, and shoes into these smart wearable devices.

Talking about the limitations, as most of the wearable devices are easy to carry and quite small in size, they have less battery backup and may not be able to support all kinds of apps that you are using.

But these limitations can be easily conquered, by hiring the best wearable app development services and choosing the right wearable app development team. Now the question arises, how to pick the right wearable app development company? There are a plethora of app development companies available in the market, calming to be the top ones. But when it comes to wearable app development, there are a lot of complexities involved and therefore, you have to be all the more conscious and prudent in making your choice.

So, today we are going to share a few tips which might come handy and will definitely help you in choosing a perfect wearable app development company and the right set of people for your project.

1. Presence of the business on the market (Portfolio)

Before contacting any App development company and signing a contract it is imperative to check the company’s presence in the market by checking the apps or projects they have worked on. Ask the company for their portfolio and see whether or not they have worked on a project like yours. Check for the clients' reviews and ratings, and if possible talk to their clients to verify their credibility. Seeing their portfolio and by talking to their clients you will get to know whether or not they have the resources which are required to develop the app and most importantly do they meet the timeline to get the final product in the market.

2. Pricing and transparency

Many companies promise to provide the best result in less pricing but that’s not true. Wearable app development is a complicated process and it takes a lot more to create a smart device than making a mobile app, therefore the cost also differs. It is very important as an entrepreneur for you to ask for all the details regarding the hiring model, and confirm about any hidden charges. These charges may impact the budget.

A proficient app development company will have a number of hiring and engagement models to choose from. You may choose the one which fits perfectly in your budget and suits all your requirements. Also, there are many companies that offer post-development services like support and maintenance to keep your wearable app up to date.

3. Dedicated team

Finding the right set of people to get your app developed is very important. You can hire a dedicated development team for your app development project. This will not only ensure a speedy development process but will also be a cost-efficient option.

Having a dedicated development team makes the process of app development quite simple as you have someone to directly contact and explain all your requirements. You have a team always available to make the changes or any updates required.

4. Services Offered

Before investing in a development company it is always better to know about the kind of services they offer. You must ask a few questions to the wearable app development company like will they be going to help in launching the app or they will just develop it? Whether or not they will offer you a trial or software testing services to ensure that the final product does not have any bugs or errors. Also, post-development services like support, app maintenance, version control, API integration, etc, are important for making your app successful and updated.

5. Design

Wearable devices have their limitations and so is the case with wearable apps therefore, the wearable app developers must be able to provide the design which is more user-friendly and at the same time have some uniqueness from the already available wearable apps in the market. Multiple porotypes for the design should be provided to the client, so that they can select the best design for their app.

6. Communication

Communication between the client and the app development company is the key factor for a fruitful outcome. As one should know about the progress of his product to make sure that the outcome of the product is effective and as per the expectations. Also, for an app to be able to fulfill the motive of the company for this it is important to know how and in what frequency the developer will update about the process of the product and will they provide all the updates with details regarding the tools they are using. This ensures that the delivery of the app is within the stipulated time frame.

7. Maintenance and Updates

Technical products always need to be upgraded or maintained to function smoothly. Also, if you want your app to sustain in this competitive market, you must always keep it updated as per the latest trends and technology.   Therefore, it is important to know whether the development company will provide post-launch services. Will there be separate charges, for this or this will be included in their app development cost. This is important to keep your app up and running in the market for years.

8. Work with you 

The company, which you have hired for your wearable app development should work with you and not just for you. They should be open to taking your feedback and inputs. This will give a better understanding of the development team of what exactly the product should be and what are your expectations from them. As it’s your project and no one else knows it better than you.

 9. Meet the Timeline

There is no point in getting an app developed if it is not launched in time. The world is always changing, and so is the taste of consumers, therefore its’ the time which decides whether the app will sustain in the market or not. So, it is vital to choose the company that will complete the development of your wearable app on time.


The market is full of app development companies offering a multitude of wearable app development services therefore, it’s tremendously important to carry out a comprehensive research about the company and choose the one that has a substantial portfolio, no hidden charges, variety of services and more importantly a team of highly experienced and skilled wearable app developers, that are well acquainted with all the latest trends and technologies. The company should have a knack of creating unique and innovative apps and must meet all your expectations, in the given timeline. Choose the company that has experience and expertise in creating a wearable app, which will become a milestone for your business and attract new users rather than losing the old one.