Mobile-First Design: What is it & Why is it Important?

Mobile-first design is the strategy used by the UX Shopify web development company in recent times to create an optimized website for Shopify website design. With the Mobile-first design, the developers create the mobile app for the store before planning the desktop version.

Planning and creating a desktop version needs an enormous number of steps and designing. But it cuts half to when it comes to designing a mobile app. With the increased use of mobile phones, the number of users of mobile has gone up by one billion. Hence, there is a need for businesses to make their online store available on mobile for convenience of use. For creating Shopify stores with Mobile-first design principles, you can also hire Shopify experts.

What is a Mobile-first design?

The idea behind Mobile-first design is that UX designers should create the Shopify website design, keeping in mind the smaller screen that is mostly used by the users these days. Plan the website for the mobile sites and then expand the idea to the larger screens like the desktop. Importantly, the strategy helps the business to reach out to the right number of users with the right device.

While creating mobile sites, the Shopify web development company focuses on the fact that the content of the business website should be available to the users in the right proportion. The vital factors of the online stores should be made available on the mobile so that potential customers get all the necessary information.

Initially, mobile sites were created by the designers after they have created the desktop sites. But times have changed. There is a slow decline in the number of desktop users, and hence more priority is given to mobile sites.

For understanding Mobile-first design, you must understand two important aspects of it-

  • Responsive web design- RWD is the designing method used by the Shopify web designers that enable the users to see the same website on different screen sizes. The method reduces the need for panning, zooming, and scrolling.  
  • Progressive advancement- It is the method of creating Shopify stores for the smaller screen type with a lower version of browsers like that of mobile phones. After the successful design of mobile sites, interactions have been added to make the pages available for PCs and tablets.

Why Mobile-first designs Important?

With the increase in the use of mobile phones users, Google is ranking the mobile-friendly sites. According to the statistics, there are more than 5 billion people around the world using mobile phones and the internet. With more than 64% of the conversion rate for mobile sites, many businesses have made mobile-friendly websites for their online store. With interactive and navigable mobile stores, business owners can double profits.

The mobile sites are light in weight and easy to navigate as fewer elements are there on the page. Hence, many users prefer the mobile rather than computer/ desktop sites. Also, mobile phone users find it handy to use mobile stores and quick to use.

With simple designs and fewer elements, page loading is quick and smooth. The idea also lets you create a foundation for the business and make your online store available to the mass. Mobile-first design also ensures that essential and crisp content is available to your visitors and maintains clarity among all.

Mobile-first design and Content:

The mobile-first design focuses on two essential things- Content and Design.

The very first thing to think about in the Mobile-first design principle is the designing of mobile apps with the right amount of content. Since the designs in the mobile store and apps are small and lightweight, too much content will make your mobile site useless. For making a productive and workable mobile store, the selection of content is essential.

To understand the content for the mobile sites, you must understand what your visitors are looking for and what type of content they need. After assessing their need, you create a mobile-friendly site with the necessary content that will fulfill your requirements. This method also ensures that you are putting your customer’s needs, above all.

Final Thoughts!

Mobile-first design is a working principle for the UX Shopify web designers as it-

  • Help make better mobile sites.
  • Ensure better and workable desktop sites for later.
  • Put the customer’s needs in the front.
  • Create a simple and elegant design for mobile for faster page loading with the help of Shopify experts.