9 Reasons Why Cross-platform Game Development is in Demand

A decade ago, cross-platforms games were only a dream to many involved in the online gaming industry. But, with the advancement in technology and the advent of new tools, technologies, and game engines, it is now possible to develop cross-platform games that can be accessed and played from different consoles or devices.

These games account for a big share of the complete mobile gaming industry. Fortnite, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Halo Wars 2 are some of the examples of such games that are gaining immense popularity worldwide. And if you are wondering why these games are getting so much hype, then this article is exclusively for you. Check out the below-given reasons to know why cross-platform games have become everyone’s favorite:

  1. One-time coding- To develop such a game, a cross-platform game developer has to write the code only once. This code can be then published to different platforms, such as Steam, iOS, and Android. This method of development saves huge time and effort of the developer. Moreover, it also minimizes overheads and expenses.
  2. Ability to be accessed from different platforms- Gamers nowadays use different devices, from smartphones to high-end gaming consoles, to play a game. The best way to reach a mass audience is to provide them a game that can be accessed on any device so that players all over the world can play with each other.
  3. Uniformity- The look, feel, design, and experience of the game remains uniform across all devices.
  4. Less development time- As you can utilize a single code for different platforms, the development of cross-platform gaming apps requires less time as compared to the Android or iOS game development.
  5. Less maintenance cost- The ease of running a common code on various platforms decreases the maintenance cost of a cross-platform game.
  6. Wider reach- If you want to target a bigger pool of audience, then the cross-platform games are a perfect choice. No matter if the player is using a PC, smartphone, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, or any other device, a cross-platform game can be played on any of them. Targeting more platforms will definitely make you connect to a wider client base.
  7. Better monetization- Since cross-platform games have a higher retention rate, developers can earn big from a single game, which can be accessed from different platforms.
  8. High performance- Cross-platform applications can be easily adjusted and run seamlessly on different systems, thus, deliver great performance.
  9. Easy to update and upgrade- Every update and upgrade can be synced to all platforms and devices simultaneously, which reduces effort and time.

The aforementioned ones are only a few reasons why cross-platform game development is in demand.

Tips to keep in mind before developing a cross-platform gaming application

Take a look at these tips before you write down your cross-platform game app development requirements:

  • Choose a game engine that is suitable for developing a cross-platform application. You can pick from Unity, Corona, Cocos2D JS, AppGameKit, and other popular game engines.
  • Find a reliable mobile game development company with experience in cross-platform game development.
  • Do a bit of market research to know about the game genres that are popular among players.
  • Decide on the essential features you want in your game.
  • Prepare a monetization strategy in advance.

If you are naive and have no or little idea of the game development process, then hire game developers or reach out to a professional game development company to turn your game app development idea into reality.

Final Words-

Cross-platform game applications target a large number of audiences that are using different devices. These types of games offer the best value of money; however, they also need a bit extra investment in the development. But, if you connect to the right mobile game development company, you can get the game developed in your budget. Therefore, make your choice wisely.