Web Application Development - Features, Benefits, and Cost of Development

In the early days of the Internet, web pages were mostly static, with some video images thrown in for good measure. The present concept of web application development was still a distant dream until around 2005, when Ajax made it possible to design better, faster, and more interactive web apps.

Today, web apps are so popular that they go unnoticed. Nonetheless, we use them all the time.

Introduction of Web Application Development

Developing a web application is the creation of applications which are supplied to the device via the Internet on remote servers. You won't need to download a web application (web app) because you'll be able to access it over the network instead. 

End users can access a web application via a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. The majority of online apps are made with JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and HTML5.

The development of the Web application is usually led by a small development team in a short development cycle. Web applications are developed on the front end by customer-side programming. Client refers to a web browser-like computer application. 

The programming on the client usually uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A browser will be instructed by HTML to show on-screen Web pages contents and the CSS to maintain the correct format of the information displayed. JavaScript allows you to run JavaScript code on a web page, allowing you to interact with some of the information.

Features of Web Application Development

- Web Content

"Content is King," it is said. All people use search engines to obtain information about quality. This is the aim of your website. Endeavor to provide readers with quality and unique data. Conduct appropriate investigations to penetrate the information concerned. 

Mix the content with pictures, videos and images. Nobody likes to read the huge words of the text. It is worth a simple and appealing infographic. Optimize the content to be included in the Google Top Results.

-Good web design:

The website's design should be straightforward and professional. Creating a user-friendly design will pay dividends in the long run. Websites are created and maintained in order to increase traffic and, as a result, increase conversions. 

Make consistent efforts to establish a visually appealing website layout that will attract visitors. Maintain a nice balance of visuals and words. The use of bright colours is a no-no. For a basic and meaningful website, use modest colours and decent visuals. Break up the material into manageable chunks and include high-quality graphics.

-User Interface for Mobile Devices.

Web apps from companies need to change from traditional web design. Why? Smartphones and tablets are increasingly popular among today's users.

According to a survey, only 27% of respondents used a laptop or desktop computer to access the internet when they were not at work. Sixty-six percent, on the other hand, accessed the internet via a smartphone. It's clear that your customers are comfortable utilising mobile devices.

You have to add trendy user interface design to your web applications. Developers might consider aligning components and react to the web app with the particular features of a mobile device.

Basically, the display for your app should automatically be adjusted to any user on the screen. Users don't want to wait too long to see a page, thus developers should strive on making apps that load quickly on every device.

-Social Integration

Assume you're attempting to register for the application as a new user. What if it takes time to register? What happens? You are right! You are right! You'd be frustrated or disappointed.

What's the answer? To simplify the registration process, you can consider using social media platforms. Users may log in easily with their preferred social network account thanks to social integration. Long forms will not be filled in, and users will benefit from registering as customers.

-Loading speed:

Visitors are often disappointed if it takes a little longer to load their website. Most people quickly lose patience. The more time you load your website, the higher the likelihood of a person leaving your website. Quitting the website is not a positive sign. 

All of your valuable material will be for naught if your website can't provide it swiftly. Use a trustworthy site hosting service and optimise the content and site to load fast.

-Analytics and reporting.

One of the best aspects of a corporation online application is analytics. With integrated analytics, you'll gain important insights into user behaviour trends and the general performance of your web app. All this information can now be monitored and your web apps optimised for increased commitment and better conversion.

You would like your business to evolve as a business owner. The way to do this is to curate and learn the information. You may also track trends and make the necessary changes to help your company grow.

-Web Compatibility:

In order to work properly, the website needs to be compatible with a number of platforms, browsers and devices. Your website should be well-designed and simple to use on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions.

-Notification via Web Push

When it comes to engaging your customers, the web push notification tool can be really useful. When connecting to customers in real time, Push notifications can provide the most personal channel.


You need to provide a security certificate to your web application via HTTPS. Developers must ensure a secure connection between online users and your web applications and work to secure the transfer of data between them and the server.

It's critical that you use HTTPS, which signifies that your site is secure. Customers may be confident in the security of their money transactions, user accounts, and communications and identification.

-Web Payments

You may want online payment features to be included in your web app in order for clients to pay without problems for products or services. It'd be great to check out one step. Shipping, billing, and payment procedures could be combined in one step. 

The standard facilitates speedy and seamless payment processing, allowing customers to pay promptly using the standard's native user interface.

-Search Engine Optimization

By default, web applications aren't easy to search for. Many technical challenges should be overcome if web apps are to be discovered. You may encounter problems that could affect the SEO performance of your web apps.


How Does Web Applications Works

Usually, Web apps can be coded in languages supported by browsers, such as HTML and JavaScript, which rely on the browsers to make the programme work. 

Some applications are dynamic and need processing on the server side. Others are totally static and do not require server processing.

A web server is needed to manage client requests, an application server is needed to conduct the requested activities, and a database is needed in some circumstances to store the data. ASP.NET, ASP, ColdFusion, PHP, and JSP are all examples of application server technologies.

Here is a sample illustration of the flow of web apps:

  1. The user makes an Internet request to the web server, either through a web browser or the application's user interface.
  2. This application is forwarded to the appropriate server of the Web application.
  3. The requested tasks – for example the querying of data or the data processing – are then generated by the web application server.
  4. The web server transmits the required information or data to the web server.
  5. The web server provides the requested information to the client, which is then shown on the user's screen.


Benefits of Web Application Development

-Greater Visibility

Web applications can help you improve the accuracy of your business operations by streamlining them. Furthermore, by bringing all of your data together in one location, your company will have better visibility.

-Awareness and Development of Your Brand

Web apps make it simple for firms to forecast market share growth; without one, it's impossible to do so successfully. The main goal of having a web app is to make it simple and convenient to reach new clients and sell the company's services.

-Customer Service

There are possibilities for improving customer service with online applications. They are often the first point of contact with the company for potential customers. Web apps can be accessed from anywhere at any time, making it simple for potential customers to contact the organisation.

-Data Recoverability:

In case of data loss or technical failures web apps allow you to recover data quickly.

-Improves the competitiveness of the company

The corporate market is highly competitive, so it is important that organisations keep up with each other. Web applications help organisations to remain competitive on the market and help potential customers to be gathered.

-Improved Efficiency

By using web applications, productivity will increase and business results will be increased.

-24/7 Accessibility

A-ccessibility is one of the best advantages. Web apps can be used at any time as long as the user has access to the internet.

Cost of the Web Application Development

A variety of things influence the final cost of your app. The ultimate cost depends on the complexity of the programme, its number of features, your web development company and a lot of other criteria.

Building a web app for a simple app with a minimal UI and essential functionality might cost anything from $2,000 to $17,000.

For a more professional application, you can take into account an amount of $20,000 to 50,000, which might demand small development and design teams working for up to three months in your project.

The higher limit for Web app development costs could go from $100K to $250K, and could take up to six months to build, making web app development more complex and requiring custom UI/UX design, complex Web app programming, multiple API integrations and much longer.


Estimation of the web application development cost can prove difficult at this time, an impossible task. However, by considering these tips, you will find it simpler the next time you want your app developed by a professional.

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