5 Successful Marketing Strategies for Technology

The evolution of the technological landscape has led many software companies to redefine their marketing strategies. This world is gradually shifting towards global digitalization. Marketing is a huge part of any company’s success story, and a good marketing strategy always converts prospects into customers. Marketing is the fuel that drives traffic to your website. Without the right marketing, you may lose potential customers before they even click on your website. The IT industry is huge. Technology marketing needs special attention and focuses on ensuring the brand stays at the forefront of the audience’s minds. To produce effective results and profitable ROI, marketing strategies should always be customer-oriented.

Every business needs effective marketing strategies to reach a wider audience, convert more leads, and create a functional sales funnel. Long-lasting customers don’t only help generate revenue and profit, but they promote a strong brand image. To make sure every investment in marketing is leading to a profitable result, companies use tools and strategies to figure out their targets, the upcoming challenges, and the ROI generating solutions.

Creating a technology marketing plan involves more than just writing down goals and drawing out a roadmap. The right marketing plan includes tested marketing strategies that target potential leads and boost revenue. Without the right marketing strategies for technology, especially in a tech-driven world, you cannot expect growth.

Most companies find it challenging to determine the best marketing strategies focused on technology. Keeping that in mind, TopFirms compiled a list of the top 5 successful marketing strategies.

Educate Through Content

The purpose of content is to educate the masses. In marketing, content is focused on educating potential customers. How and when you produce your content matters a lot. No matter what kind of software products or services your company offers, you will surely benefit from content production if done right.

The value of content in the digital marketing space is astounding. The purpose of content is to grasp attention. Many competitors don’t invest a lot of time in producing original content and thus mostly survive on click-through rates. Your priority should be to produce content that earns the buyer’s trust; that makes the visitor click the link and purchase your product. The low-value approach barely develops long-term trust between the target audience and the brand.

High-value content doesn’t always need to include clickbait. Portray the problem and solution through a great story. Think about the power of emotional and sentimental content that appeals to your customers. Build a relationship with your potential customers and gain their trust and interest in your brand.

Content comes in many forms; blog posts, reviews, guides, and videos. When it comes to marketing strategies for technology, specifically, educating through trends, reports, stats, infographics, and videos, produce valuable results.

Introducing any technology requires a full detailed specification of that technology. This content is mostly delivered through articles or infographics. But most people don’t have the time to read the full article or understand the infographics quickly. This is where video content proves highly valuable.

A short 3- minute video explaining the technology and its impact is enough to convert leads into revenue. Producing original video content includes great storytelling that breaks down technical jargon for a global audience. Make sure your video content helps you stand out by creating funny and entertaining content. Including infographics and client reviews is always a plus.

Influencers Partnerships 

Partnering with influential figures increases your chances of being recognized. People are relying on honest experiences and feedback from others before they invest in anything. Marketing is no longer structured. Tech buyers, specifically follow influencers who are experts in the field of technology. Partnering with such influencers adds to your credibility.

Knowing your influencer’s persona and their fan following is crucial. You don’t want to partner with someone whose goals and fan following don’t align with your product’s specifications. Identifying your target buyers gives you an idea of who they follow and what kind of content grasps their attention.

Social credibility is considered a huge factor in influencer marketing. No influencer would be interested in partnering with you if you’re just looking for some online fame. Make sure the content you produce is diverse, high quality, and regularly posted. Collaborating with influencers and sharing exclusive content with them allows you to engage more with a wider audience.

Marketing Tools

Nurturing leads is highly possible because of marketing automation tools. An automated system to collect leads, create a marketing timeline, divide contacts, and analyze sales is essential in building a sustainable revenue model. Eloqua, Marketo, and SilverPop are some popular marketing automation platforms. Not only do these platforms offer Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but they also have unified integrations to process huge data sets. Such platforms can do wonders for technology marketing.

Interactive Features and Tools

From the many trends taking over digital marketing, interactive content has been the most popular. Such content includes tools to boost engagement and generate revenue. These interactive tools focus on producing high-quality leads. Calculators, quizzes, assessments, and infographic videos are some examples.

Such interactive content helps in building relationships with prospects. Solving quizzes and doing assessments provide the prospects with personalized insights and keeps you above the competition in the digital marketing space.

Email Marketing

Although this is the oldest marketing strategy to exist, it still works. With the up and coming trends in digital marketing, it’s safe to say that innovation is added to everything. If you don’t want your content given away for free, why not trade it instead? This technology marketing tactic is now becoming increasingly popular as it’s proving to be incredibly valuable.

Ask for an email address in exchange for giving access to exclusive content. This is the easiest way to add prospects to your mailing lists and taking over their inboxes. Through email marketing, you can easily boost your brand image in your audience’s mind. 

Now that you know the five successful marketing strategies for technology, all you need to do is put them out to test and witness the fastest lead generation you’ve ever seen.

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