5 Tips To develop mobile apps for your small business

The growth of a business in today’s era has got a new name: Mobile App. Every conceivable business in this world needs an online presence and a website alone cannot conform to the holistic needs of an organization.

Thus the ascend of mobile apps in the business.

Next On List Of Digital Transformation: The Healthcare Industry

The Hidden Potential of Healthcare

Just like almost everything under the sun, the healthcare industry is recently impacted by the enormous digital transformation and the power of technology. The industry has shown potential signs of immense growth via technology space and the use of mobile applications. This also includes precise diagnosis and all improved use of medical treatment. The end user involving an aspect of technology in healthcare, the healthcare apps for the customers are overshadowing all other benefits that technology brings to the table. So here we find an all-new growing end-user industry of information technology. The market of mobile healthcare applications is growing at a whopping 33% and is expected to clock over $90 billion by 2020.

How much it cost to build a mobile app?


Mobile app development is just like building your home. There is no simple answer to the question – “How much it cost to build a mobile app?”. There are a lot of parameters which determines the efforts needed to develop the app and hence cost of the app.

Building your home Building a mobile app

Size of Home (Square Feet) & Number of stories

Features – what all features needed to be included in the app.

Architecture of the home

Complexity of the app

Site Preparation (example Foundation -Is it already there or needed to be created)

Design, Mock ups, Research (It has already been done by you as the app owner or the development company needed to work on it)

Exterior Finish, Interiors Finish

Level of Designs – MVP, Basic, or Polished

Plumbing & electrical

Scalability, Performance, Security

Heating and Cooling

Any other specific requirement that you might have

Note: This comparison is just to provide you an idea about the different parameters to determine the cost of the app development and something that you can relate with. The comparison is not 100% accurate and there might be some shortcomings in this table.

Advantages of Flutter App Development

Innovation is the key to growth. Every new technology brings with its range of new features that make it more appealing and intriguing. Let's have a look at Advantages of Flutter App Development Services.

Quick and Easy Coding

Thanks to the range of features it offers, Flutter app development indeed attracts developers by leveraging them with faster coding. The Hot reload feature empowers them to make changes in coding and eventually check them, which makes the entire process faster and easier.

Single Coding Based

One of the best parts with Flutter app development services is that the developers no longer have to produce duplicate codes for distinct platforms. You read that right!! It offers single code for both iOS and Android. The credit to this goes to its personal widgets and designs.

Faster Testing

This one to an extent is linked to our previous benefit. As you do not have to develop different apps for different platforms, the testing becomes much faster. This also boosts QA process, making it seamless and flawless.

Native apps v/s Hybrid apps

People enjoy using their smartphones because they can accomplish many things on the go such as reading e-mails, social networking, watching movies and plenty of other activities. We enjoy smartphones because they have many applications that make everyday activities easier. For those of you who want to build a mobile app for your business, you may have come across some different options during your preliminary research. You realized that not all development methods are the same and you have a couple of different ways to approach development.

When it comes to mobile app development for your business, customer experience trumps over all other factors. At some stage, during the design of your mobile app, you're going to have to make a decision about how you will develop the app. This brings us to selecting between native and hybrid apps. Primarily, your choice between the two depends on the goals that your business pursues. Both the options boast their pros and cons, and you can weigh these through the lens of your business's priorities.


Why Choose Ionic Framework for your mobile Application Development?

Are you looking for information regarding an ultimate framework to build your next successful mobile app? Well, if your head is nodding in an upside down direction, then let's begin the journey with Ionic Framework.

When you start developing mobile application, it comes to the look and feel. Being a developer, you definitely knowing about the importance of hybrid apps but still, there is a tend to shift to native coding for that feel factor. That's again a myth! No one ever want to look an android app in their new iPhone. This is will result to sit down and create different codes for different platforms.


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