Mobile App Development Mistakes To Avoid To Ensure App Success

Irrespective of successful mobile apps, there is still space where enterprises are struggling to make their app success. As we can see thousands of apps arrive at play store and app store globally on a daily basis and more than 80 apps are abandoned after just after a single-use. Hence, there is a serious need to implement the right strategies to ensure app success.

Edge computing - A real-time makeover to data processing

“To do great things, innovation must never stop”. Make no mistake, but technology and innovation are all primed to give us a future where the internet will have absolute power over our lives. Humans will be deeply connected with machines and things. And with this, technology will never be the same, and neither will our lives. To replace or to be replaced is what it all comes down to. Think of it this way, software and Game development companies keep upgrading to provide the customer with a better experience with time by overcoming the drawbacks of the older versions. Similarly, Edge computing is an upgrade to cloud computing. 

How to Get Fund For Revolutionary App Ideas? How Do You Do That?

Human beings are naturally creative with ideas, and it is explained by all the scientific innovations that have become part and parcel of our everyday life. Even among the millions of apps populating the Play Store and App Store, many are unique and path breaking. But however, tremendous and mind-blowing an app idea you come up with, without funding cannot be shaped into an actual app. 

How can you get funding for your app idea so that you can further shape the idea into a successful app? Well, the straightforward answer is you need to approach investors and convince them about the potential of your idea for a successful app product. Where and how can you approach these investors? Well, precisely to answer this, we are here. Just read on.

Engage in a Crowdfunding Campaign
When you have no favor from the individual investors or institutions, the crowd of interested people or potential future users can lend their hand to raiding the fund. Yes, we refer to Crowdfunding as a great alternative way to raise funds for a new and unique app idea that looks promising.

There are several well known and widely popular Crowdfunding platforms out there. Before that, you need to choose a Crowdfunding model that suits your project best. Apart from the app-only Crowdfunding platforms such as AppsFunder and AppSplit, you can always opt for big techs Crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Fetch Voluntary Donations from Your Web Users 
Do you have an established website already? Well, this can be used as a great resource to pull money for your app project. If the website is quite popular with a good volume of business-minded traffic, you can make a landing page pitching your campaign and start taking donations. 

Besides describing your app and it's real-life benefits to the users, make sure you can give them additional impetus through some gifts, per-order benefits, or just compensations in either cash or kind. Use a short contact form with few fields along with a strong pitch for your new app. 

Bootstrapping, which is basically about finding an app from your own pocket, cannot be completely neglected. Yes, there are examples of several successful apps that found investment through this simple method. All you need is to cut your expenses, make room for saving money, and invest the accumulated corpus on the app project. Bootstrapping can be more effectively done if you cut your initial app budget to a minimum by embracing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach for development.

Sourcing from Your Own Network 
Often more than any outsider, our family members and friends understand our plight better. Many of us find our nearest and dearest ones to be the best audience for our creative pursuits. For your app project, you can also explain the merits to a chosen few among your friends and family members and request a contribution. Ask them to lend money for some time with a specific plan for repaying their debt in time. 

Often selling an idea to your closest ones is way easier than doing the same to a seasoned investor. It is particularly useful for small and less expensive app projects, the cost of which can be met by sourcing money from individuals. IndianAppDevelopers company mainly uses this funding approach. The closer family bonds in India made this a great funding option for many innovative app products. Again, an MVP approach will help you keep the cost minimum at the initial stage so that you can easily get funding, and after the app goes live, you can come with value additions through updates.

Private Investors
Getting funds from private investors in your known circle is another good option. This approach is particularly useful if you are approaching businessmen working in the related niche of your app. For example, if you are building a food delivery app, some restaurant chains, and joint food owners can show interest in your app and can agree to invest in the project.

Taking Part In-App Contests
Do you know you can just build a basic stripped-off app version showcasing your key value proposition and take part in-app contests only to get noticed and get funding from investors? The app contests help many new apps get the limelight and get investors' favor for building the app to success. 

Even if you don't get success initially, the experience of taking part in such competitions will prove vital to your developer career and help you grow excellence. Sometimes, even the competition runners-up and other participants who couldn't get closer to the title find good offers from investors after the event is over.

Get Co-Founder On-Board 
Finally, we are going to explain the most popular and common way to get investors for your app project. Yes, it is a great idea to strike a partnership with a credible investor who has a serious interest in the app. This will also help you implement the app idea and bring out a product that perfectly matches your expectations.

Instead of borrowing money for your project, let the investor become co-founder of the app. This will also create more financial room for your app product as you don't have to get hurried for replying. 

Funding is the most crucial step in building a successful mobile app. To get funding easily, make sure you have a unique app idea that can instantly resonate with the needs of its target audience.


Mobile-First Design: What is it & Why is it Important?

Mobile-first design is the strategy used by the UX Shopify web development company in recent times to create an optimized website for Shopify website design. With the Mobile-first design, the developers create the mobile app for the store before planning the desktop version.

Planning and creating a desktop version needs an enormous number of steps and designing. But it cuts half to when it comes to designing a mobile app. With the increased use of mobile phones, the number of users of mobile has gone up by one billion. Hence, there is a need for businesses to make their online store available on mobile for convenience of use. For creating Shopify stores with Mobile-first design principles, you can also hire Shopify experts.

What is a Mobile-first design?

The idea behind Mobile-first design is that UX designers should create the Shopify website design, keeping in mind the smaller screen that is mostly used by the users these days. Plan the website for the mobile sites and then expand the idea to the larger screens like the desktop. Importantly, the strategy helps the business to reach out to the right number of users with the right device.

While creating mobile sites, the Shopify web development company focuses on the fact that the content of the business website should be available to the users in the right proportion. The vital factors of the online stores should be made available on the mobile so that potential customers get all the necessary information.

Initially, mobile sites were created by the designers after they have created the desktop sites. But times have changed. There is a slow decline in the number of desktop users, and hence more priority is given to mobile sites.

For understanding Mobile-first design, you must understand two important aspects of it-

  • Responsive web design- RWD is the designing method used by the Shopify web designers that enable the users to see the same website on different screen sizes. The method reduces the need for panning, zooming, and scrolling.  
  • Progressive advancement- It is the method of creating Shopify stores for the smaller screen type with a lower version of browsers like that of mobile phones. After the successful design of mobile sites, interactions have been added to make the pages available for PCs and tablets.

Why Mobile-first designs Important?

With the increase in the use of mobile phones users, Google is ranking the mobile-friendly sites. According to the statistics, there are more than 5 billion people around the world using mobile phones and the internet. With more than 64% of the conversion rate for mobile sites, many businesses have made mobile-friendly websites for their online store. With interactive and navigable mobile stores, business owners can double profits.

The mobile sites are light in weight and easy to navigate as fewer elements are there on the page. Hence, many users prefer the mobile rather than computer/ desktop sites. Also, mobile phone users find it handy to use mobile stores and quick to use.

With simple designs and fewer elements, page loading is quick and smooth. The idea also lets you create a foundation for the business and make your online store available to the mass. Mobile-first design also ensures that essential and crisp content is available to your visitors and maintains clarity among all.

Mobile-first design and Content:

The mobile-first design focuses on two essential things- Content and Design.

The very first thing to think about in the Mobile-first design principle is the designing of mobile apps with the right amount of content. Since the designs in the mobile store and apps are small and lightweight, too much content will make your mobile site useless. For making a productive and workable mobile store, the selection of content is essential.

To understand the content for the mobile sites, you must understand what your visitors are looking for and what type of content they need. After assessing their need, you create a mobile-friendly site with the necessary content that will fulfill your requirements. This method also ensures that you are putting your customer’s needs, above all.

Final Thoughts!

Mobile-first design is a working principle for the UX Shopify web designers as it-

  • Help make better mobile sites.
  • Ensure better and workable desktop sites for later.
  • Put the customer’s needs in the front.
  • Create a simple and elegant design for mobile for faster page loading with the help of Shopify experts.

9 Reasons Why Cross-platform Game Development is in Demand

A decade ago, cross-platforms games were only a dream to many involved in the online gaming industry. But, with the advancement in technology and the advent of new tools, technologies, and game engines, it is now possible to develop cross-platform games that can be accessed and played from different consoles or devices.

These games account for a big share of the complete mobile gaming industry. Fortnite, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, Halo Wars 2 are some of the examples of such games that are gaining immense popularity worldwide. And if you are wondering why these games are getting so much hype, then this article is exclusively for you. Check out the below-given reasons to know why cross-platform games have become everyone’s favorite:

  1. One-time coding- To develop such a game, a cross-platform game developer has to write the code only once. This code can be then published to different platforms, such as Steam, iOS, and Android. This method of development saves huge time and effort of the developer. Moreover, it also minimizes overheads and expenses.
  2. Ability to be accessed from different platforms- Gamers nowadays use different devices, from smartphones to high-end gaming consoles, to play a game. The best way to reach a mass audience is to provide them a game that can be accessed on any device so that players all over the world can play with each other.
  3. Uniformity- The look, feel, design, and experience of the game remains uniform across all devices.
  4. Less development time- As you can utilize a single code for different platforms, the development of cross-platform gaming apps requires less time as compared to the Android or iOS game development.
  5. Less maintenance cost- The ease of running a common code on various platforms decreases the maintenance cost of a cross-platform game.
  6. Wider reach- If you want to target a bigger pool of audience, then the cross-platform games are a perfect choice. No matter if the player is using a PC, smartphone, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, or any other device, a cross-platform game can be played on any of them. Targeting more platforms will definitely make you connect to a wider client base.
  7. Better monetization- Since cross-platform games have a higher retention rate, developers can earn big from a single game, which can be accessed from different platforms.
  8. High performance- Cross-platform applications can be easily adjusted and run seamlessly on different systems, thus, deliver great performance.
  9. Easy to update and upgrade- Every update and upgrade can be synced to all platforms and devices simultaneously, which reduces effort and time.

The aforementioned ones are only a few reasons why cross-platform game development is in demand.

Tips to keep in mind before developing a cross-platform gaming application

Take a look at these tips before you write down your cross-platform game app development requirements:

  • Choose a game engine that is suitable for developing a cross-platform application. You can pick from Unity, Corona, Cocos2D JS, AppGameKit, and other popular game engines.
  • Find a reliable mobile game development company with experience in cross-platform game development.
  • Do a bit of market research to know about the game genres that are popular among players.
  • Decide on the essential features you want in your game.
  • Prepare a monetization strategy in advance.

If you are naive and have no or little idea of the game development process, then hire game developers or reach out to a professional game development company to turn your game app development idea into reality.

Final Words-

Cross-platform game applications target a large number of audiences that are using different devices. These types of games offer the best value of money; however, they also need a bit extra investment in the development. But, if you connect to the right mobile game development company, you can get the game developed in your budget. Therefore, make your choice wisely.


Top 7 Tips for Choosing a Mobile App Development Company

Can you imagine a single day in your life without using a Smartphone? Sounds scary right? The sophistication offered by mobile devices, applications have transformed the way we live and it’s hard to live without smartphones anymore.

With the ability to perform any action on the go through mobile applications, the advantages offered by mobile applications to users are surplus.

Why mobile apps are important for your business

Smartphone have not only changed the lives of the public but also businesses. Companies are looking for ways to stay engaged with customers 24/7 and mobile applications are perfect fit to their purpose and bill. Mobile apps have helped companies to understand customers better and plan their marketing strategies accordingly to improve sales.

What are the benefits of a mobile app for businesses?

Find out some of the benefits mobile applications offer to businesses.

  • Enables direct communication
  • Enables geo-targeted marketing
  • Increases recognition to build customer loyalty
  • Helps create awareness make the sales through application
  • Increases customer engagement
  • Makes your business unique
  • Boosts brand recognition
  • Improves visibility

However, developing mobile applications for customers is often challenging for businesses and they look out for partners to develop apps that are unique, scalable, robust and high performing. 

Finding the right mobile app development company for enterprise needs is a growing concern for 80% of C-level executives. With a plethora of companies to choose from, finding the best mobile app developer out of many is always challenging.

Why is choosing mobile application development partner important?

A major reason why most mobile app development projects fail is because of poor partner selection. As most companies focus only on effective pricing they fail to account for quality, which in turn leads to lacklustre customer experience. So, it is a must to find the right partner to make your enterprise apps beneficial to your company as well as your end-users.

Top 7 tips for choosing a mobile app development company

Understanding this, here in this post, I’d like to share top 7 tips that would help you identify the best mobile app development company that can make your enterprise app dreams a reality.

Look out for the below parameters before hiring a mobile app development partner for your enterprise needs.

  • Proven track record
  • Mobile app portfolio
  • Technical expertise
  • Awards & accreditation
  • Open communication
  • Training & support
  • Effective pricing

The sections below will help you understand why these parameters matter the most for your enterprise’s success whenever you consider partnering with a mobile app development company.

Prove Track Record

There are too many companies that boast as best; however, only a few have hands-on experience in developing and delivering apps. Don’t be lured by the words. Check out their years of experience and success rate to validate their credibility. A company with lots of experience would have already helped many enterprises with different types of applications and they can help your enterprise too by understanding your requirements clearly.

Mobile app portfolio

Customer success stories say it all. Explore their portfolio of customers to find out the types of apps the company has developed and delivered. Especially, take a look at the testimonials of customers to determine the credibility of the company.

Technical expertise

Remember, only world-class app development companies have certified mobile app developers. Not every company does. Certified app developers have hands-on experience to state-of-the-art development tools and are updated with the current technology landscape and user behaviours; so, they can help a great deal in creating apps that would speak volumes to your end-users.

Awards & accreditation

This is an important metric most enterprise heads fail to count on. Only companies that help the customers with applications satisfying their end users will be in the news. Check out for the awards and accreditation of the company before making a decision. You can check out these details on their social channels.

Open communication

Keeping the communication channel transparent throughout the project is important. Ensure the company has a dedicated project manager, team, and tool to report you on the progress of the project during each phase. This will expedite the app delivery.

Training and support

Pre, during and post-launch support is extremely important for any company investing in a mobile application. As enterprise apps are rolled to a huge volume of users, training the in-house team during the project phase and post-launch is vital to make the transition seamless.

Effective pricing

Pricing is a tricky part that leaves most enterprise heads in a dilemma. Ensure the company is sharing the complete pricing details transparently without any hidden charges for support or maintenance. Many companies start with lesser pricing but will cost you an arm and leg for support/maintenance needs.

Thinking of some of the best online portals for checking out the aforementioned metrics in one place? I have covered some for your reference as well.

There is no denying the fact that mobile applications will be the best solution for enterprises to keep customers engaged and sell. Find a right partner who can direct you with right strategy and action plans to create applications that your customers love.


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